Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (3.5)

2nd outing
Moathouse, part II

So, Aleera had a bit of a heart-to-heart with Jaroo, and got reasonable, if not fully satisfactory answers to her questions; the rest of the group negotiated a deal with the leatherworker for a set of DragonHide plate (for Aleera) for a paltry 500 gold, which was easily obtained with the sale of the +1 mace the group recovered from the body in the moathouse. Coming back to the moathouse, the group got the drop on a gray ooze, and proceeded to kill it before it could so much as think an oozy “wtf?” and rolled over (it would have kicked its feet up in the air, but this is VERY hard for an ooze to do) and died. Then, the point man was ambushed as he went down the stairs by a pair of gnolls (no, neither of them was grassy), which, truth be told was the exact reverse of what I expected.

(note to self: the players can drag a LOT behind a horse. Even a middle-sized dragon…)

First outing

“There be dragons here…” Yeah, right. Well, sometimes that IS indeed accurate.

First, a dinner in the company of Elmo turned into a request to go investigate the moathouse. Probably nothing, but… best to see and be sure.

On the way to the moathouse, our intrepid heroes encountered a druid, Aleera, who (after shooting a warning shot across the monk’s schnozz) acted as guide, and gave some background: while nothing overt, there is a decided lack of normal animal life in the vicinity of the moathouse. Curious… closer in, they encounter Del, who’s an old trapper in the area, who told them he saw a dragon in there. Sheeyeah, right.

Right turned out to be right, as the heroes engaged the wyrm in battle. Luckily, the wyrm was new, and overconfident, and they were able to defeat the foe. Several weaknesses were identified, foremost a lack of expendable resources (healing potions, scrolls, and the like).

More to follow…


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